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Flamenco from Spain, athletic dance-theater from Seattle and tap from New York City will highlight the 2006 Britt Dance Festival. The festival has a slightly different format this year. The three performances will be spread out, one at a time, over a three-week period instead of being grouped back to back.

Here’s a look:

Noche Flamenca, 8:30 p.m. Thursday, July 13.

Noche Flamenca was founded in Madrid in 1993 by Artistic Director Martin Santangelo and his wife Soledad Barrio, and has become one of Spain’s most successful flamenco companies. All aspects of flamenco—dance, live song and music—are interrelated and given equal weight.

In a review of a recent performance, the New York Times wrote: “The best, by far, was Ms. Soledad Barrio. In a brown dress and a black shawl, unsmiling and intense, she danced as if possessed by the spirit of a Gypsy encampment, or even the shivering horrors of a Goya painting. But more than anyone else on this gala bill, she breathed the essence of Flamenco.”

Lingo dancetheater, 8:30 p.m. Friday, July 21.

Seattle-based Lingo dancetheater is a contemporary performance ensemble that presents athletic works of dance-theater. Choreographer KT Niehoff, with her intellectual and rigorous style, creates articulate, fresh, impacting performances that describe human connection in physical parameters. Lingo will present “Relatively Real: Who Do You Think You Are” at Britt, an evening-length interdisciplinary work that explores identity and perception.

The Seattle Weekly said of this group: “Choreography multifaceted with metaphor, image and kinetic resonance...dancing with a voracious do-or-die ethic.”

Tickets are $33 and $30 reserved, $19 lawn and $13 children.

Tony Waag’s Tap City, 8 p.m. Friday, July 28.

Direct from New York City, “tap meister” Tony Waag brings you an international cast of legendary tap veterans, cutting edge tap soloists and up-and-coming young talent. Three generations of hoofers come together in celebration of America’s most virtuosic and entertaining art form.

With a rich and diverse kaleidoscope of tap dance styles, rhythms and musical feet, the cast presents classic tributes to their masters, while offering groundbreaking choreography with passion, humor and joy. The performance features a live band on stage.

The New York Times described a recent performance as “A joyful summer thunderstorm of busy, happy feet” while Newsday said, “Truly stellar turns … intriguing explorations taking tap into new areas.”

Tickets are $42 and $39 reserved, $24 lawn and $16 children.
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